Friday, 10 May 2013

Vox-com sounds of the Arkke

When I was asked py PDH to take part in the latest Arkke Retour as eloquently presented on The Tears of Istvaan I began working on my Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest. I imagined him being part of a million strong choir spanning star systems echoing the dying voices of uncountable God Emperor devotees. 

The Echo Priest was to be a beacon of holy, hissing, analogue, mechanical, vox-com sound in a silent and forgotten corner of the vast Imperium - the drifting dark hulk of the Arkke.

Sadly I didnt manage to finish the miniature before the event took place in April. 

Instead, as I really wanted to have at least the idea of the Echo Priest present in the Arkke during the game, I managed to pursuade | D R E A M B I E N T | to compose a fitting soundpiece, which PDH played at a certain moment during the game:

Echo Priest Vox-Com Choir

| D R E A M B I E N T | is electronic sound making by composer Martin Darlan Boris, who among other things collaborates with astronomers in the US and Europe. A collaboration I thought was fitting for a game of Warhammer 40K, set as it was, in a dark corner of the galaxy.

I look forward to share with you the finished Echo Priest...until then please do check out some of the other compositions at | D R E A M B I E N T | :

| D R E A M B I E N T |  



  1. Great conversion, great concept, and great ambient soundtrack to the model!

    I hope it isn't just me that was also thinking that the "profile" of the soundtrack looked a lot like an Imperial cruiser : )


  2. A haunting dirge, fitting for a lost ship drifting through madness.

  3. A soundtrack for a mini. Now that's new :)