Friday 10 May 2013

Vox-com sounds of the Arkke

When I was asked py PDH to take part in the latest Arkke Retour as eloquently presented on The Tears of Istvaan I began working on my Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest. I imagined him being part of a million strong choir spanning star systems echoing the dying voices of uncountable God Emperor devotees. 

The Echo Priest was to be a beacon of holy, hissing, analogue, mechanical, vox-com sound in a silent and forgotten corner of the vast Imperium - the drifting dark hulk of the Arkke.

Sadly I didnt manage to finish the miniature before the event took place in April. 

Instead, as I really wanted to have at least the idea of the Echo Priest present in the Arkke during the game, I managed to pursuade | D R E A M B I E N T | to compose a fitting soundpiece, which PDH played at a certain moment during the game:

Echo Priest Vox-Com Choir

| D R E A M B I E N T | is electronic sound making by composer Martin Darlan Boris, who among other things collaborates with astronomers in the US and Europe. A collaboration I thought was fitting for a game of Warhammer 40K, set as it was, in a dark corner of the galaxy.

I look forward to share with you the finished Echo Priest...until then please do check out some of the other compositions at | D R E A M B I E N T | :

| D R E A M B I E N T |  


Sunday 17 March 2013

Remember the future!

Since my 2013 New Years Eve post on rooks and walking I have been away from most hobby stuff. I have had to concentrate mostly on family and my work at the Aarhus School of Architecture. 

But during the short life span of FPOA it has become an important place for me to share not only hobby stuff but also the stuff that inspires me as a hobbyist. I get immensely inspired by reading and recently fell upon a beautiful text on Mexican novellist Carlos Fuentes who, in his La gran novela latinoamericana / The Great Latin American Novel (2011), wrote something worth remembering - the future:

Remembering the future. Imagining the past. This is a way of saying that, now that the past is irreversible and the future uncertain, men and women remain alone with the scenery of today if they want to represent the past and the future. The human past is called Memory. The human future is called Desire. Both come together in the present, where we remember, where we yearn [...] We ought to imagine the past so the future, when it arrives, can also be remembered [...] (Fuentes, 2011)

The future of FPOA is uncertain, but I imagine that some of the past pieces already shown will be finished. 

Until then I would love to direct you to a couple of sites that have also been a great source of inspiration for me during the first months of 2013 (you guys probably know them already, but as the guys behind the sites are such great talents they can easily bear repeating):

Tears of Isstvan

Spiky Rat Pack

Take care!