Friday 26 December 2014

An Imperial Knight and inspirational reads

Before the end of 2014 I will post my third completed miniature of 2014: An Imperial relic from the past originally built as part of a Golden Demon entry in 2004 and now, a decade later, found and finished - and part of my (luckily) growing Cabinet of Wonders. 

But before that I will wish you all a great holiday and, with two small things to share, thank you for hanging on to FPOA:

First of all one of my favourite treats of this December has been the Christmas Countdown over at Miniatextures by the ever-so-talented Jakob Rune Nielsen. It was a pleasure to follow his journey of finishing an Imperial Knight in 24 days - and even though the result is a true beauty it is the experimentation and testing of new colours and techniques, which I really want to compliment.

Secondly I have been re-reading Dan Abnett's brilliant Pariah and Perihelion on the recommendable Alizabeth Bequin and the continued journeys of Gregor Eisenhorn and Gideon Ravenor: A re-reading which has inspired me to begin a third Melancholia piece, which I look forward to share with you in 2015!