Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I see not!

The Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest is well underway but some days ago I coincidentally stumbled upon a perfect addition to my Melancholia Project while rumaging through my precious metals.

A blindfolded Cherub from a SoB cape, which fits perfectly into the theme of the Melancholia Project. 

In the Melancholia Project there is now three minis (excluding a servo skull). Paradoxically the only one capable (or allowed) to see "properly" is the blind Navigator who kindly has assisted in blindfolding his servants.

It reminds me somewhat of Calvino's Invisible Cities and the city of Zemrude where ones "gaze will be held on the ground, in the gutters, the manhole covers, the fish scales, wastepaper,"  and further that:

For everyone, sooner or later, the day comes when we bring our gaze down along the drainpipes and we can no longer detach it from the cobblestones. The reverse is not impossible, but it is more rare: and so we continue walking through Zemrude's streets with eyes now digging into the cellars, the foundations, the wells. (Calvino, 1972)

I imagine the Navigator so convinced about himself seeing the right things that his gaze is slowly becoming detached from the divine light of the God Emperor.


  1. That is a truly characterful figure...

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