Sunday, 18 November 2012

=][= Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest Part I

In between painting my Melancholia Project - where I am now almost done with the blindfolded servant - I do other stuff.

The current project being an =][= Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest. A concept of my own devising inspired by Migsulas wonderful Mirror Master as well as referencing the title of my blog, which in turn is inspired by a wonderful Echospace track.

I imagine Ecclesiarchy Echo Priests as part of a million strong choir spanning star systems echoing the dying voices of uncountable God Emperor devotees. Where the Navigator of my Melancholia I project is a beacon of sight, an Ecclesiarchy Echo Priest is a beacon of sound!

Hissing, analogue, mechanical, vox-com sound echoing a thousand dying souls each. In the words of Michel Serres (read it while thinking of Migs Mirror Master too):

”We resonate with echoes and rhymes. Robinson [Crusoe] visited a desolate valley, a narrow gorge which threw back the last word of the verse he had uttered aloud: ’my soul’, ’my soul’, ’my soul’, repeated until silence, the multiplying mirror of his cogito." (Michel Serres, 1985)

The only thing touching the ground will be the staff. I will do some Servo Skulls assisting in carrying the priest and staff. Also add some more flowing robes, cables, wires and Purity Seals.


  1. Looking great FPOA. I always feel inspired my your and mig's work, now I just need to turn that inspiration in to some kind of reality.

    Love the use of Eisenhorn's staff end (that is what the pole is made from right?). You got any colour scheme in mind? Some kind of light/bright white, yellow and golds for an angelic choir feel or is this more a deathly feel?

    Also, do you know if that JB book you have photographed the priest with is still available in print? Thanks

  2. Hey mate,

    discovered your blog via PDH's little "mailing list" ;-) and have to say I'm glad I did! That Echo Priest is looking ace! I especially love the elegant way of attaching the model to the base via the staff, without the robes ever touching the ground at all!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks both!

    The staff has indeed been taken from Eisenhorn. I am still not sure about the colour scheme. At the moment I am leaning towards dark green and gold with skin, skulls and hanging parchment to lighten up the colours a bit.

    I think Emperors Will is up on Ebay occasionally. Emperors Might available at Black Library.

  4. I love it - your bitz box is so old skool - I think it will lend a nice, esoteric quality to some of these pieces until you catch up with new boxed sets.

    I've made big leaps with Valencia and Chaide. The latter turned out REALLY creepy and odd... with a big BEAK :O

  5. Thanks Migs. Yes, my bits box is reaaaally old.

    I found most of the materials used on the Echo Priest in a small box with "WD Paul Sawyer" written on it sent to me after a Golden Demon...almost ten years ago. Sigh.

    I cant wait to see the bird man!

  6. Exciting stuff so much magic of the more esoteric kind appearing lately. Very cool.

  7. Catching up on my blogs after a short hiatus of work. Really great concept, this - and a nice use of Michel Serres. I read a lot of Serres during my Master's research, although I found it difficult to find a lot of his writing translated into English.

    The Echo Priest concept reminds me of a lot of the techno-esoterica of the International Necronautical Society and their research into old voice recordings, radio signals, poem codes and ghost waves: somewhere between Cocteau's Orphée, 'A Matter of Life and Death' and Violet Szarbo.

    It's easy to imagine these creatures being plagued with voices echoing through eternity - a kind of living way-station being slowly driven insane by voices from the beyond, like certain Catholic mystics.

  8. Thank you for the comments Minitrol and Fulgrim.

    The Serres quote is from the great book on 'Echo Objects' by Barbara Stafford. The idea of echo objects is that they include the reverberations of a thing and the responses to it by its surroundings. Highly recommended.

    Great references to (for me) unknown territory into sounds Fulgrim :) Thanks!

    I am reading Ravenor the Omnibus and yesterday evening read about Zael, the inactive psy Ravenor found on Eustis Majoris, that he is 'a reflector, an echoer' and that Ravenor wants to 'know what he has absorbed. Recorded if you will' (Abnett, Ravenor, p. 174).