Friday 29 July 2016

The Pilgrym!


From Throne to Thorne...
Green Man Cometh...


On July 19th 2016 the Pilgrym Game took place in Warhammer World after more than half a year of collective preparation and development of a shared narrative over on Iron Sleet.

 The Pilgrym Collective
From top left to right: PDH, FPOA, Jeff Vader, JRN, Migsula, Ms. Tears of Envy
From bottom left to right: The Wier Brothers, Toni, Thistle, Iron Sleeter Kari and Mr. Tears of Isstvan.

It was a truly humbling experience, a pilgrymmage in itself, to be part of the incredible group of artists and 40K connoisseurs from around the world that make up the Pilgrym Collective. The amount of talent and inspiration that has been the Pilgrym during the last six months and on the day itself in Nottingham was overwhelming. A big thank you to Migsula, Thistle the Elder One and PDH for making this happen!

I participated with a Bio-Pilgrymmage of Green Mechanicvm and Bio-Explorers, which can be read about on Iron Sleet in these seven posts:

Bio-Pilgrymme, Part I: The Daerwynne Palimpsest and lost Mechanicvm
Bio-Pilgrymme, Part II: Of bodies changed...
Bio-Pilgrymme, Interlude: From Throne to Thorne
Bio-Pilgrymme, Part III: Enter Arch Magos Biologis Sverre Arrheniusse
Bio-Pilgrymme, Part IV: The Linnæanne Brotherhood
Bio-Pilgrymme, Interlude: The Crataegus Lament
Bio-Pilgrymme, Part V: Brostten Haggwers arrives on Terra 

There will be a full battle report on Iron Sleet in due time. Until then I have attached a small handful of images here - and please do check Instagram for #pilgrym for more images of the game unfolding.

The Pilgrym Seal is broken and cards are dealt.

 A secret alliance is forged deep in the darkness of the Botanicarium!

Sverre Arrheniusse is only a very short move from reaching the Pilgrym - the key to the Green Room...was it not for Lazaros the Kinder Fetcher!

Post Pilgrym #1: As it turns out this is a very fitting summer reading for a devoted disciple of the Green Mechanicvm...

Post Pilgrym #2: Legend...

Post Pilgrym #3: More Crataegus characters and narratives unfolding during the autumn of 2016!


  1. Excellent post! It was such a great event, and a perfect culmination after so many months. It was particularly wonderful to see the servants of the Green Man in person! I like the looks of the next model you are working on! An Astates from the Thorn moons?!

    1. Indeed it was Eric! Yes indeed, one of the Elder Ones hinted at in my narrative over on Sleet. Updates soon!

  2. You need to tell us who we're looking at in that first picture. It's always nice to put the faces to (screen)names in these events.

    Amazing stuff. All of it.

    1. We all look pretty terrible in that photo - I do especially :)

    2. We all look stunningly awesome Fulgrim :)

    3. Thistle is wearing a bloody Emperor top!! That is so cool.

  3. I am very eager to see more from the Green Mechanicum. It is one of the most evocative and imaginative things I have seen in Warhammer 40,000 in a long time. I am particularly excited to see your exploration of the Astartes. Genetically-engineered super soldiers can end up being somewhat bland (much in the same way that Superman is not a very compelling character because he is basically invincible), but I am confident that you will inject some much needed life into the trope.

    1. Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

      My first take is pretty much an experiment on the Astartes. I imagine a small host of them only, each of them very old and weathered. Man, gene-tampering and machine-nature re-incarnate. Very much inspired by Migsulas Vlka Fenryka.

  4. An Excellent post! Great that you all had fun at the gathering. It will also be very interesting to see what you do next.

  5. Cant wait to see your marine , it looks like my fave one of the HH series .. i want that one myself actually , it is so beautiful..

    belated congrats on the game too.. the green mechanicum were such a cool concept.

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