Thursday 5 February 2015

The Invitational

In my imagination Iron Sleet is weather.

Numbing weather thundering across the burdened worlds of the 40K galaxy, mesmerising and all-encompassing. More than snow, rain and storm combined. Much more.

It is 40K weather in its rawest form.

A fitting image for the work that is emerging from the warp through the hands - and minds - of Kari, Mikko and Migs over at Iron Sleet, which is very fast becoming a beacon of creativity, artistry and inspiration in the Æther world of 40K.

Apart from Migs mindblowingly beautiful Vlka Fenryka, Fenrisian weather reincarnate, Mikkos excellent Brotherhood of Steal and Karis amazing Hounds of Valon, they have managed to gather together some of the most talented individuals in the hobby in a very short time.

Also, they have just announced the first Iron Sleet Invitational here! 


Standing in my Cabinets of Wonders are three very early WIP's of my entries-to-be. If I manage to get them done in time for April 1st they will be in an amazingly good company, so for that alone...


  1. No 'if' mate! Very very much looking forward to your WIPs and thanks for the kind writeup :)

  2. This is going to be insane, I'm sure of it! Great to have you onboard mate!